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Percent of Americans that fully understand basic health insurance terms.


Percent of people uninsured or underinsured in Washington State.

About Health Plan Finder Washington State

We are a registered Washington State provider for health coverage.

Health Plan Finder Washington State is an informational website designed to help provide Washington citizens with information about Washington State Individual health insurance plans, policies, and related products. We are a licensed Agency authorized by the Washington Health Benefits Exchange to represent and sell health coverage plans in Washington.

As part of national health care reform, LifePlan Financial has created the Health Plan Finder Washington State website; an easily accessible, online marketplace for individuals, families, and small businesses in Washington State to compare and enroll in quality health insurance plans and access important cost savings.


Washington State residents that must have health insurance


Percent of residents that have access to affordable coverage

Why Health Plan Finder Washington State?

Get easy & reliable quotes, with expert advice from a local broker if you need it, at the same price you'd pay elsewhere.

Take A Tour Of Health Care

If you're a first time buyer, there is some key information you need to know.

Learn About Your Coverage Options Under ACA Health Care Reform

What are the benefits of Health Coverage?

Having health care coverage provides you with the protection you need to avoid high medical expenses. It also opens up the door to many free preventative services, such as immunizations and health screenings.

Learn About The ACA Metal Tier System

Find out about the Washington State tier system

Washington State provides a tier system to help make finding coverage more affordable. Depending on your income level and your estimated medical expenses, you have the option to pick between 4 metal tiers that will help you cover your medical expenses.

What You Can Expect To Pay For Coverage

What you can expect to pay for your health care coverage

You can expect to pay a specific premium amount based on your health care plan's tier system. Your monthly expense will be a premium for your plan, but there are multiple other factors to keep in mind when estimating your total health care costs.

Learn About ACA Penalties For Not Having Coverage

Learn about the penalties for not having health insurance

Under the Affordable Care Act, it is required that all residents have health care coverage. If you decide not to find Coverage, you may be penalized by the IRS. These penalties vary by your income level.

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