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Starting January,1 2014, in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, all Washington residents will be required by law to have a health insurance plan in place (it needs to be effective BY JAN 1ST 2014) or otherwise pay significant penalty taxes to the IRS. We are now offering you a new way to compare and enroll in health insurance. Washington Healthplanfinder now gives individuals, families, and small business owners the confidence to choose the plan that best fits their needs and their budget. Healthplan Finder Washington State offers:

  • Access to and comparisons of Washington State health insurance plans on the Healthplan Finder Washington State.
  • Certified Assistance in finding the right coverage. Financial assistance to help pay for healthplan copays and premiums.
  • Expert healthplan finder customer support online, by phone, or in-person through your designated organization, insurance broker or agent.
  • By law - all brokers must charge the same rate. These brokers can help anyone with no extra fees and no hidden costs to you, as regulated by the Insurance Commissioner. Brokers who assist you inside and outside the exchange are paid by the insurance companies, not by you. Fill out the form here and your designated broker will assist you.

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Health Plan Finder Washington State is an informational website designed to help provide Washington consumers with information about Washington State health insurance plans, policies, and related products. We are a licensed Agency authorized by the Washington Health Benefits Exchange to represent and sell plans in Washington HealthPlanFinder. LifePlan Financial Inc is in no way associated with the official Washington Exchange Website

NOTICE! Final rates and benefits are based on actual plan selection and the assignment of any rate adjustment factors.

Do Not Cancel your current coverage until a new policy is approved and you have received written confirmation of the policy's rates and benefits from the insurance company. Rate and Benefit Disclaimer Notification! The rate and benefit information provided herein was generated on LifePlan Financial’s quoting system. LifePlan Financial or its licensees do not guarantee or warrant the correctness or completeness of the rate and benefit information contained herein and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of use of the quoted rate and benefit information.

Additionally, information contained in this website is limited in scope, subject to change without notice, and does not contain all the terms, conditions, limitations, or exclusions of the referenced benefit plans. Only the insurance company Plan Documents and Policy's contain the exact terms and conditions of coverage. Your grant of access to the rate and benefit summaries contained herein may not be relied upon as a guarantee of your eligibility or coverage under these benefit plans.

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